The Green Room

Chelsey Green and The Green Project — The Green Room
Release date : Sep. 23, 2014
Label : 2014 Chelsey Green

The Jazz Page - November 18, 2014 Sometimes great music come in unexpected packages, this is definitely case with violinist Chelsey Green and the Green Project. While the outer cover of The Green Room may not convey the kaleidoscope of music inside the Houston native’s 2nd recording, it is definitely there. Green is an outstanding player with a fantastic lyrical flair and the ability to make music of various shades and do it in a way that really captures your ear. The violin truly sings in her hands. The production is a nice blend of original compositions, which alternate with equally wonderfully arranged covers. The supporting cast of players contribute greatly to the quality of the work as well. Joining Green are Ignatius Perry Jr., Lorenzo Johnson and Daryl Hunt or various keyboards, Kevin Powe Jr. on bass, Brian Wheatley on drums, Steven Walker and Matthew Chase on guitar, Joshua Thomas on clavier and Monique Brooks-Roberts on additional violin. The horn section of saxophonist Marvin Thompson, saxophonist Will Spence and trumpeter Theljon Allen also enhance the tunes with their contributions. Green is a versatile talent who can truly go in any direction she wants musically, with this effort, her trajectory is most certainly upwards.

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Still Green: The EP

Chelsey Green and The Green Project — Still Green: The EP
Release date : Apr. 10, 2012

Washington City Paper - March 9, 2012 By Marcus J. Moore Standout Track: No. 3, “Pizzicato,” a calming concoction of light drum taps and ambient keys, on which violinist Chelsey Green piles layers of fluid string work. This song—the last one recorded for her Still Green EP—is classical meets contemporary, blurring the line between jazz and R&B. While Green’s playing is the clear centerpiece, it occasionally gives way to Aaron Hardin’s rolling piano chords and Brian “Spyda” Wheatley’s escalating percussion. “I like to call it ‘classical, shaken and stirred,’” says Green, 26. Musical Motivation: Green began writing the song during a practice with the University of Maryland Symphony Orchestra, of which she is a member. While waiting for the session to begin, she plucked the strings of her viola and ran into a nearby hallway to record it to her BlackBerry. That wasn’t the best move. “I got into a little bit of trouble,” Green says with a laugh. No Strings Attached: Although she’s a classically trained violinist, Green takes issue with the formality of symphonic concerts. “I want the audience member to be an active participant in the experience,” she says. Green is very energetic during live performances, and her band delves into rock, soul, and electronica. Not exactly a classifiable genre by traditional standards. “I don’t try to explain myself anymore,” Green says. “I can’t be who they want me to be. All I can do is be Chelsey, and that’s what I’m going to do.” —Marcus J. Moore

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