SOLD OUT at An die Musik and Speakerbox Magazine Review!


Friends, you are spectacular!

Saturday, April 5th was a day of fun both at the Southwest Waterfront Fireworks Festival and An die Musik! We had a full crowd outside at the Festival and were SOLD OUT at An die Musik!

Thank you so much to those that personally came out and/or shared words of encouragement by other means. We appreciate it more than you know!

Also, please check out this incredible review printed in Speakerbox Magazine online of our second show at An die Musik! Here’s a sneak peek, “She seamlessly balances her technical skill with her soul and passion for music, which allows her to move from jazz to classical to classic R&B and back to current day pop with ease.”

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Also, check out some photos below!

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Getting Ready

SW 2

All smiles!

SW 4

Fan submitted:  #ActionShot

SW 1

Chelsey was awarded this Excellence Coin by a Colonel after the Show! So cool!

SW 3

Fan submitted: On Stage at An die Musik LIVE!

An die 2

Fan submitted: SOLD OUT CROWD at An die Musik LIVE!

an die 6

Fan submitted: After the Show!

An die 1

Fan submitted: After the show!

An die 3

Fan Submitted: More photos with fans!

An die 4

Fan Submitted: Signing CDs

An die 5