Bahrain Welcomes Chelsey Green and the Green Project

Univ of Bahrain

In collaboration with the Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities, the U.S. Embassy welcomed Chelsey Green and the Green Project to Bahrain.  The band took part in BACA’s annual Spring of Culture Festival.  On March 17, 2017, Chelsey Green and the Green Project delighted the audience at Bahrain’s Culture Hall.

Chelsey Green and the Green Project, combine elements of new soul, jazz, funk, pop, hip hop, gospel, classical music to create a unique, undeniably American sound.  Classically trained, Chelsey Green is a talented violinist and viola player.  Joined by bass guitarist Kevin Powe Jr, drummer Brian Wheatley, and pianist Ignatius Perry Jr, Chelsey upsets every stereotype about jazz music while entrancing her fans with her intricate improvisations.

During their stay in Bahrain, Chelsey Green and the Green Project held an concert at Ambassador Roebuck’s residence.  They also held workshops and talks for aspiring musicians with Inspire Bahrain, the Bahrain Music Institute, Majla, and University of Bahrain’s Music Club.  Another highlight of their trip was the opportunity to jam with Bahraini musicians in the Police Band and at the Bahrain Music Band Society.

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