The Reginald F. Lewis Museum Jazz Age Gala
May 12, 2022
6:00 pm
Baltimore, MD
North Club at M&T Bank Stadium
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The Event

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On May 12th, the Lewis Museum will celebrate the spring gala season with the event we have all been waiting for. The Jazz Age Gala will deliver an exciting evening of entertainment created for your enjoyment. It will be a feast for the senses!

Where: The North Club at M&T Bank Stadium
1101 Russell Street 

Reception – 6 PM
Dinner – 7 PM 

After Five Attire

$350 each

VIP Table Experience including tickets for 8 and access to the Chairman’s reception available for $4,000

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The Jazz Age was a cultural period and movement that took place in America during the 1920s from which new styles of music, dance and art deco architecture were born. The birth of jazz music is credited to African Americans who migrated from New Orleans to major northern cities leading to a wider dispersal of jazz as different styles. 

Take Aways:

  • The Jazz Age was a post-World War I movement in the 1920s from which jazz music and dance emerged. 
  • Female singers such as Bessie Smith emerged during this period of postwar equality, paving the way for future female artists
  • The Roaring Twenties and the Jazz Age were personified by unconventional clothing and progressive attitudes by women. 
  • The birth of jazz music is credited to African Americans, but both black and white Americans alike are responsible for its immense rise in popularity.
  • The rise of jazz coincided with the rise of radio broadcast and recording technology, which spawned the popular “potter palm”shows that included big-band jazz performances.