National Philharmonic Youth Mentorship Program : Dr. Chelsey Green, Guest Clinician
March 9, 2024
3:30 pm
Takoma Park, MD
National Philharmonic Youth Mentorship Program

The National Philharmonic


Dr. Chelsey Green, Guest Clinician

with one of their Learning & Engagement programs

Youth Mentorship Program

Dr. Chelsey Green will lead a coaching session on the student’s orchestral repertoire as well as conduct an improvisation workshop to encourage creativity with their string playing.

For more information on Dr. Green’s educational outreach programs and initiatives, please email us through our Contact Page.

NatPhil YMP Mission 

The Youth Mentorship Program (YMP) aims to contribute to students’ holistic growth through the vehicles of music and extramusical opportunities to connect with a diverse community of students and professional musicians.

In addition to the performance aspect of the program, students will have the opportunity to participate in workshops focusing on life skills, college preparation and personal development. Studying an instrument requires and improves abilities such as time management, working efficiently alone and within a group, project management, etc. Within this program we discuss and work on these abilities, preparing students for future tasks and various professional paths after high school.

[NatPhil is] thrilled to provide a program of high-quality instruction and workshops for students who are passionate about improving their musical and personal skills. What makes this program powerful is the experience of being in a chamber group and the relationships built with highly regarded professionals from the NatPhil and DC community. These partnerships provide access to information, career-building connections and, most importantly, affirmations that these talented students are worthy to achieve any goal they desire, no matter their upbringing. Additionally, to provide easier access to all our engagements this season, we will offer each admitted student a small stipend to support their commute and transportation within the program.